2 forms of sculptures and a resin cast 


This artistic installation was presented twice in two different places. The first exhibition "4 corners" took place in Inner Spaces Gallery in Poznań 2006 and included two sculptures of female figures; one of them was a girl hiding in a corner and the other one a woman calling her from the above from a suggested window on the upper floor. Their juxtaposition can be compared to a parent-child relation.

The same installation was shown again in an urban area of Śródka district in the city of Poznań. This time, the artist chose a hidden, tiny courtyard of the total surface area of 6 square meters as a place of the exhibition. The courtyard was cramped between high, dark walls of buildings creating a claustrophobic image and atmosphere filled with noises of gurgling pigeons. The place seemed to be terrifying and captivating at the same time.

A figure of a small girl hidden in the courtyard’s corner reappeared here. Facing the wall, she hides her face in her hands as if she was playing “hide and seek”. This installation naturally became a part of this place and, thus, it could be called a site specific one, due to the fact that it was put in a place which seemed to be awaiting to be filled up. 

Mateusz Bieczynski


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