A series of graphic images made with the use of technique of linocut and the use of light 


In this series of art-works the artist chose to introduce a crucial element which is artificial light. Lighting up of certain objects of the image was achieved thanks to “selection” of a piece of wall behind which a lamp has been positioned. With the use of this simple manipulation the viewer was given a chance to get an impression that this artwork is partly painted with light which supplemented the printed part of the image. Thanks to the relation of brightness to darkness, these art pieces gain several expositional options. The first one is noticeable only in full light when the light-painted element becomes visible after a while. The second one can be admired in dimness when between what is lit up and what is off-printed a relative balance in achieved and, finally, in complete darkness when light elements come to the foreground and the off-prints are revealed after some time when viewers’ eyes get used to darkness.

Mateusz Bieczynski


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