A photo-collage – the artist’s own technique, printing on a photographic paper

„The Parking Lot”, „The Picnic”, „The White walk”, „The Falls”

A series entitled “Waterfalls – Family trip to Niagara Falls” combines of four pieces made in a mixed technique (spatial collage from photographs, photographic record) which are presented as miniature installations. The art- ist used images of her own family members cut out from old black-and-white or sepia photographs. She positioned these cut-outs in a form of four compositions with a use of a false background imitating a natural land- scape. The first one, under the title “The Park- ing lot ” presents scattered groups of people with a bus in the background. The second picture is called “The Picnic”; here, the same people appear but in a different arrangement with a clear, blue sky with white clouds in the background. They spend time together on a green-grassed meadow. Third part, entitled “The White Walk” shows the artist’s relatives wandering through a bamboo forest. In the last part of “The Falls” series Mori’s family is positioned in front of Niagara Falls.

These little, family collages evoke a sense of nostalgia and contribute to longing for some- thing that has passed. Being acquainted per- sonally with people presented in the pictures is not necessary. Also viewers do not have to empathize with the artist in order to share the moods and emotions conveyed by these im- ages. They experience them naturally thanks to atmosphere emanating from the image, the mood which sets the scene and visual emo- tions. The artist also included her own picture in each collage. Facing the onlooker, once she is sitting on a stone, once on a suitcase joy- fully inviting everybody to take part in her imaginary family excursion.

Mateusz Bieczynski

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